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Tag fees

Information we'll need to purchase your tag

• Home address

• Phone number

• Social Security number

• Height and weight

• Color of hair and eyes

• Non-resident hunting license $154.75

• Non-resident elk tag $416.75

• Non-resident deer tag $301.75

• Non-resident bear tag $186.00

• Non-resident mountain lion tag $186.00

• Non-resident wolf tag $31.75

• Archery and muzzleloader permits $20.00

• Controlled hunt application fees $14.75

The necessary information to purchase your tag and a 50% deposit is required to secure your date.


The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the hunt.



Adventure-Filled Elk Hunting Trips

Elk hunts, archery in particular, are our specialty at Juniper Mountain Outfitters. The Idaho Legislature sets aside 2,400 elk tags annually for the exclusive use of our outfitters, and this means that you are guaranteed your elk tag in the spring if you book with us.


Our elk hunting trips are available on a first come, first serve basis with most of our hunting done in South/Central Idaho. We operate in Fish & Game units 25 & 33.  The major drainages of these units are the South Fork of the Salmon, Johnson Creek and the Middle Fork of the Payette River. We also offer controlled hunts in units 40 and 42 for Elk in Southwestern Idaho.


While conducting our summer horse camps, it allows us to watch the elk move across the mountain.  This ensures more accurate locating during your hunt. During the hunting season, we set up spike camps throughout the area to improve your success. We set up 12’ x 14’ tents right in the drainage areas that typically hold elk, so that we don’t have to ride horseback out to the same location every day.


These spike camps are equipped to hold 2 hunters/1 guide. Most hunting is done on foot, and it is common for a hunter to get a shot within ¼ mile of the camp. You will be limited to one standard duffle bag weighing no more than 70 pounds. Your sleeping bag can be packed separately.

Visit our contact page to download our hunting contract and general packing list!

• Date of birth

• Driver’s license number and

   expiration date    

• Proof of a completed hunter/bow

   hunter safety course

Archery elk hunts in units 25 and 33 in South/Central Idaho

Book your 7-day, 2-on-1 hunt for $3,500 or a 7-day, 1-on-1 hunt for $5,000.


• Hunt 1 is from Sept. 5-13

• Hunt 2 is from Sept. 14-22

• Hunt 3 is from Sept. 23-Oct. 1

Rifle elk hunts in units 25 and 33 in South/Central Idaho

Join our 7-day, 2-on-1 hunt for $3,500 or a 7-day, 1-on-1 hunt for $5,000. Deer, bear, and wolf can also be harvested on these hunts with the purchase of appropriate tags.


• Hunt 1 is from Oct. 14-22

• Hunt 2 is from Oct. 23.31

Rifle or archery elk hunts in units 40 and 42 in Southwestern Idaho

Try a controlled, 7-day, 1-on-1 hunt for just $5,000.

Archery and rifle drop camps in units 25 and 33 in South/Central Idaho

Our archery and rifle drop camps allow you to enjoy the thrill of hunting in our operating area without the additional price of a guide.


You will be provided with a 12’ x 14’ wall tent and army cots with foam pads. We also provide a week of food, propane lights, a cook stove and a sheepherder wood stove to heat the tent. All firewood will be cut for you.


The hunt costs $1,700 for parties of 4 or more, and $2,000 for parties under 4. This does not include any license fees or tag fees.


The drop camp dates will be the same as our guided hunts unless special arrangements are made. We can also customize the dates of your trip at an additional cost.


You will also be limited to one standard duffle bag for your gear that cannot exceed 70 pounds. Your sleeping bag can be packed separately.