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Trophy Mule Deer
Unit 40 & 42 Southwestern Idaho
30" Plus Mule Deer

As a lot of you probably know, Southwest Idaho (Owyhee County) has some of the best mule deer hunting in the United States. This area has been closed for hunting big bucks in a general season for upwards of 15 seasons now with the exception of the 275 tags on this late hunt. Pressure at this time is relatively limited.

The season starts Nov. 1th and ends on Nov. 24th. Never have we had a hunt this late in the year. With bucks coming in rut around the end of October, they are usually running around all day long by opening. The other plus is that we normally have a foot of snow in those 7000' to 8000' elevations so glassing and tracking is made much easier.

Trophy Mule Deer Hunt ó (Draw)
Units 40 & 42 - Southwestern Idaho
200 permits - Unit 40
75 permits - Unit 42
$4500 - 1 on 1

Hunt Dates: November 1st thru November 24th


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Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Idaho Fish & Game
License, Tag, &
Permit Fees

My goal is to take bucks not less than 30" and getting close to a few 32"-36" bucks should be realistic. Over the last few years we have seen five different bucks that would be in the 36" class, and all were book bucks, probably within the top twenty-five in the Boone & Crockett records. This area also has record non-typical's running around. I have seen two recently that were sporting 36" to 40" spreads. This area has the potential of producing some of the West's new record book bucks and it is currently rated as one of the top record-producing areas in the country.

Application period for this hunt runs from May 1st to June 5th. The IDFG and IOGLB request that all non-resident hunters who are hunting with an outfitter have their license and tags bought through the outfitter. This way, the non-resident tags are taken from the outfitters set-aside pool first before being pulled from the general non-resident pool. So please send me all your pertinent license information and the following fees. The non-resident license is $154.75, deer tags run $301.75 (includes $14.75 controlled hunt non-refundable application fee). You will be notified by the beginning of July if you draw. Without trying to confuse people, I do have two outfitter allocated tags in Unit 40. and one allocated tag in Unit 42. Call for more details.

During this hunt we will get around with the use of ATVís as well as on foot. We will be doing a lot of glassing so good optics are a must. It's a 7-day hunt with a day in and a day out for a total of nine days. The hunt is November 1st - 24th (1 on 1) and the cost is $4500.00. I will finalize the actual 7 days of the hunt by mid-summer depending on how many hunters have drawn.

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